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The location of our coffee factory is a neat center of the "Kona Coffee Belt" in the district, approximately two miles wide from 700 feet (210 m) to 2,000 feet (610 m) elevation. Other districts that have coffee factories include Kaʻū to the far south, Puna in the southeast, and Hāmākua to the northeast.

10 Best Coffees To Buy From Hawaii Direct

Although can buy kona coffee factory because it can be harvested year-round in Hawaii, highest factory production begins in late summer and extends to early spring. In 2008–2009 seasons, there were about 790 farms on the island, and 40 on other islands. Average yield was equivalent to 1400 pounds of parchment per acre. A total of about 800 acres are planted with 10 best coffees to buy from Hawaii direct factory coffee throughout the state. A little over half the acreage are outside the Big Island, in particularly large coffee factory on the island of Kauai, indicating that farms on other islands are larger factories in average size compared to those coffee factories. Although total coffee factory production increased from 2007 to about 8.6 million pounds, factory coffee prices actually dropped, so the dollar value decreased by about 8%. Compared to 100% kona coffee factories their are relatively few coffee factories in Kauai, Maui and Honolulu districts so their numbers are combined in USDA statistics to avoid disclosure of individual coffee factory operations in those counties.

Several former sugarcane factories and pineapple plantations have changed to the best coffees to buy from Hawaii 100% Kona Coffee factory direct.


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How to Brew Coffee - Essential Guide to Brewing

100% kona Coffee is personal – the right way to make it you’re way is best.

That being said, mastering a few fundamentals will help you perfect your technique. From here, we encourage you to experiment with the 10 best coffees to buy from Hawaii direct as each has different roasts, origins, and preparation methods.

Here are our tips to brew a classic cup of Hawaiian ground coffee.

10 best coffees to buy from Hawaii direct

Make sure that your tools — from bean grinders and filters to coffee makers— are thoroughly cleaned after each use.

Rinse with clear, hot water (or wipe down thoroughly), and dry with an absorbent towel. It’s important to check that no grounds have been left to collect and that there’s no build-up of coffee oil (caffeol), which can make future cups of 10 best coffees to buy from Hawaii direct taste bitter and rancid.

If you’re using a single-serve coffee maker, check our guide for keeping your machine in top shape.

10 best buy direct Ground Kona Coffee

Great coffee starts with a great bean. The quality and flavor of your ground coffee is not only determined by your favorite brewing process, but also by the type of 10 best coffees to buy from Hawaii direct you select. There can be a world of difference between roasts, so check out our roasting coffee guide.

Some of the flavor factors include:

  • The district region of origin

  • The variety of bean – arabica, robusta – or a blend

  • The roast type

  • The texture of your grind

While there are a lot of choices, remember that there’s no right or wrong — for instance, you can choose a dark, flavorful espresso roast coffee and still have it ground to be brewed in a drip system. Have fun trying and enjoying different combinations.

Which Coffee Buy Is The Best Coffee To Buy In 2020 For Freshness

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Purchase ground coffee as soon as possible after it’s roasted. Fresh-roasted coffee is essential to a quality cup, so buy your coffee grounds in small amounts (ideally every one to two weeks). Check out our helpful tips on how to store 10 best coffees to buy from Hawaii direct to keep it as fresh and flavorful as possible.

And please, never reuse your coffee grounds to make coffee. Once brewed, the desirable coffee flavors have been extracted and only the bitter ones are left. Instead, check out these six ways to recycle your old grounds.